Blog disclaimer

I started this blog, to kind of keep track of the videos, I viewed, on you tube and where ever else... Being new to the internet, I was both amazed, and disturbed by things I viewed. The blog is not pro this, or pro that, or anti this, or anti that. I was going to remove it all, but about 4,000 people also found it interesting, one way or the other. That being stated, I'm still not sure whether I should remove it all, but it is still here. I haven't messed with it for a year. I guess, aside from the turmoil, there are some good videos, like a 6.6 second 3 liter twin turbo BMW 6 cylinder M Power drag racing down the quarter mile at over 200 miles per hour, with not so much as a hood scoop, and I suppose, it's stuff like that, is why, I haven't deleted everything in one big peaceful, non thermo nuclear event. So if you want to view something, other than what the media wants to spoon feed you, and become some what enlightened, by some of the dark truth at times, you can still click below on "Older Posts" and enter the inner sanctum, and search for the truth, or more simply view what I have.