Revisiting 911.

Tip of the 911 Iceberg

  Of course war is nothing to celebrate nor it’s cause. We should, of course be celebrating peace, and that which keeps it. Sometimes broadening the careful analysis, and examination of the evidence, is required when so many unanswered questions exist. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the testimony below by thousands of people, should help better paint a picture, of when, what, where and why, it happened, or at least, present the portrait of the tip of the iceberg. This should also drive home the utmost importance of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States of America, which sets our country apart from the world, making the United States a beacon of light, and world economic superpower, by empowering it’s citizenry with the concept of liberty and justice for all, and therefore the capability and the responsibility, of challenging the status quo, in search of the truth, and justice in the pursuit of happiness and a better life for everyone.


Man claims black SUVs fled New York hour before first plane hit on 9/11 

It is not possible for a composite aluminum jetliner to penetrate the massive structural steel of the World Trade Center building on one end, and go all the way through the building and penetrate the massive structural steel to exit the other end with the fragile nose of the plane intact...
911 and War by Deception (April 2013)

Sure, I understand, you can’t just take Hollywood’s word on the subject matter…

There’s the Central Intelligence Agency and the Public Broadcast System…


And of course, what happened to the Airlines Planes and Passengers, that we were told had been hijacked by terrorists and had hit the World Trade Center… 


"False Flag Conspiracy"  Intelligeance expert gives his take on the names, connections and motives.

John Lear pilot, designer, owner Lear Jet Corporation, discusses the impossibility of planes ever striking and penetrating the World Trade Center as performed digitally on broadcast video…
This video was made without any real bombs…Recognize the building ? There were some witnesses 9-11-2001 who were recorded and broadcast, saying they saw a jet fighter hit the World Trade Center. The building in this digital jet fighter animation is WTC 7. Did real bombs fail to go off, the day it was destroyed, the only glitch in an otherwise amazing large scale public fraud ? The media failed to rebroadcast, and NIST failed to mention it in the 911 official report. Imagine that ! That would be embarrassing not having the building actually blow up in the area the computer generated, animated jet fighter, was supposed to digitally penetrate the building. Maybe the public wouldn’t notice it had symmetrically collapsed, although no plane hit it.

Russian military experts years ago, stated that an aluminum aircraft, traveling at subsonic speeds, could not penetrate a steel skyscraper.  They should know, they designed tungsten steel warhead equipped rocket propelled missiles to do that type of thing, as has the United States. 
Below:  Fighter Plane Crash Test.  The real thing.

Live broadcast verses Rebroadcast: The Ball next to Tower 2

Israeli Mossad Did 9/11 and Assassinated JFK - John Lear

9/11 Inside Job - The Most Damning Evidence Yet!

911 In Plane Site - ALL MEDIA LIED ON 9/11! Whitehouse Phone number-202-456-1414

Stargate Studios demonstrate manufactured moving imagery

Atomic material and evidence of nuclear reaction found at ground zero.

Russian Military Expert provides perhaps the most shocking and accurate to date information ever revealed about the mechanics of the planned Nuclear Demolition and actual vaporization of the World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 and the incineration of hundreds of vehicles by the pyroclastic clouds of powedered debris.  By weight, about 80% of the buildings vaporized.   Most of the buildings structural material that remained was outer most cooled by the atmosphere, and the top, beyond the reach of the xrays traveling upward from ground zero.  And then there is the Pentagon...

Zeitgeist: The Movie - by Peter Joseph ( Full Film )

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